What are the advantages of outsourcing our financial functions?

  • Less office space devoted to non-patient care.
  • Less time hiring and training non-patient care personnel, and no headaches rushing to find replacement personnel during vacation, illness, resignations.
  • Patient care personnel can devote their entire time performing the duties they were trained to perform, that you hired them to perform.
  • Resource dedicated to and well-educated in revenue cycle reimbursement with well-rounded experience to handle any challenge.
  • Bonus for small- to medium-sized organizations: Full time coverage of patient and insurance phone calls at part-time prices!

Will our office/staff still have a role in reimbursement?

  • Absolutely.  Reimbursement is every stakeholder's responsibility - we do the billing/collections component. Here are some of the duties that likely will remain with your staff:
    • Office Management:
      • Reconciling bank deposits/EFTs to batch reports/ERA reports (in some cases we can do this for you).
      • Reconciling appointments with charges (in some cases we can do this for you).
    • Front Desk:
      • Collecting deductibles/coinsurance/copay/non-covered charges in advance of services being rendered (unless provider type makes this impractical or impossible).
      • Verification of Benefits including coverage limitations and accumulations.
      • Preauthorizations and verifying needed referrals have been obtained.

We use EMR. How do your services fit in?

  • We can use your reports or an API to link your charges to our PMS system.
  • If your EMR is bundled with PMS, we can come into your system at the point after charge capture and manage your RCM within your software.
  • We can come in at the follow-up point after you have submitted your claims and make sure every claim you have billed is reconciled.

We don't use EHR. How will we get our billing information to you?

  • You can fax, scan and secure email, scan and ftp, upload to the PMS system if it provides document storage, or use electronic charge capture/transmit services such as MediMobile.
  • Suitable documents are copies of your superbills.
  • If you prefer, your staff can key charges directly into the PMS system.

How will we get our payment information to you?

  • We make every effort to obtain payment advices by electronic means, so you only have to concern yourself with correspondence and EOBs from those few payers who have no electronic capability.
  • We prefer our clients to use lockbox services. Let us show you how this saves you money.
  • You can fax, scan and secure email, scan and ftp, or upload to the PMS system if it provides document storage.

How long will it take from contract signing to first claim submission?

  • The answer to this depends upon your current billing contract notice requirements (if any), your payer mix, and who is the owner of the software and clearinghouse contracts, but generally we can begin non-government billing within 24 hours.

Will outsourcing save me money?

  • It's important to remember the purpose of outsourcing is not to save money, it is to increase revenue by allowing experts in the field to handle your revenue cycle managment - but in many cases you will find not only increased revenue, but savings on revenue management expenses!

What sort of consulting services do you provide?

  • We can help you bring your billing from outsource to in-house.
  • We can set up billing for a new provider/location.
  • We can train your staff on efficient processes to enhance reimbursement speed and levels.
  • We can also do "write-off reviews" to see if your staff has written off collectible amounts.
  • We can provide many services, just ask!

Are there any services you won't provide?

  • In certain cases we may decline to offer coding services, but we can refer you to a coding company that will work with us to process your billing.
  • Since our clients hire us for our expertise in third-party reimbursement, we do not offer patient bad debt collections services.
  • We do not provide enrollment/credentialing services to non-RCM clients, but we can refer you to an excellent credentialing service.